If it has been a long time since your floors have been professionally cleaned, they might have lost their original luster. If this is the case, Stain Busters Carpet Care Inc. wood floor cleaning specialists can restore your old wood floors, so they look new. We will carefully clean and mop your wood floors by gently buffing, waxing, and polishing, removing dirt and stains, and bringing back the shine. Stain Busters Carpet Care Inc. is fully insured and licensed with nearly 25 years of experience cleaning wood floors. This deep-down cleaning can also remove caked-in toxins from the floor, giving you healthier air in your home. In addition, at Stain Busters Carpet Care Inc., we know which types of hardwoods require water or shouldn’t be cleaned with water and whether they should be waxed or not. We’ll take special care of your wood floors!